Valuing Differences

A learning experience for all employees

“If context and strategic connection are important to your diversity management work, this is the one experience everyone in your company needs.”

Valuing Differences is a foundational learning experience designed for all members of the organization. It alerts participants to their human tendencies and equips them to overcome natural proclivities. Before people can execute a diversity management strategy, they must understand the Human Condition that gets in the way of good decision-making, selection, talent identification, and team performance.
The composition of each Valuing Differences class blends people from all levels and functions of the organization, as well as other dimensions of diversity. The intent of the experience is to illustrate what it means to be a human working with other humans.

The specific objectives are:
  1. Explore your past personal experiences and examine how they have shaped the way you value yourself and others today.
  2. Recognize the importance of understanding different perspectives and “frames of reference”.
  3. Understand how your personal values and beliefs impact the decisions you make about others.
  4. Determine how biases, prejudices, stereotypes, and reactions to differences (The Human Condition) form and how they can be managed.
  5. Learn to be a part of problem solving teams that help defuse diversity-related issues in the workplace.
  6. Conclude that valuing differences is a sound business decision and a wise personal choice.
As you elevate your diversity management work to the next level, don’t forget the fundamentals. Valuing Differences equips you and your employees with the mindset and perspectives to make achieving competitive gains with diversity a reality.
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