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The authors have created a handbook for leaders to be used in an ever changing and diverse workplace. The book begins with the notion that diversity initiatives should focus on managers and their leadership capabilities. This very practical approach to leadership makes it possible to improve communications within an organization as well as improve performance that impacts the bottom line. This book drives home the point that everyone in the organization wants to feel valued and that the manager’s responsibility is to create the environment for total employee engagement. Many of the concepts are basic and fundamental to success. What’s the catch? We don’t always remember to practice them. Managing Differently is the reminder we need to propel us to greater interaction with our people, which leads to greater productivity and bottom line results. I have provided this book to my direct reports and would suggest that other leaders do the same.

Valencia Adams
VP/Chief Diversity Officer, Bellsouth Corporation

Atlantan James O. Rodgers makes the case for Managing Differently. For best leadership practices, especially when working with issues of diversity (as he does) treats each person as the unique individual he or she is. That means talking with each individual to discover how he or she wants to be managed. Each person, writes Rodgers, knows how he or she wants to be treated. If I want to know I have to ask. Simple, yet profound. If only our board chairs – once they have replaced the CEO-acting-as-chair – took some of Rodgers’ sound advice and led their boards with more vigor and sensitivity, then perhaps the corporate world wouldn’t be so easily perceived as self-serving gangs. Managing Differently offers us good advice, whether dealing with issues of diversity or board leadership. … And Managing Differently gives us the best philosophy of all – sensitivity to the individual. If that’s not a formula for improving the situation, I’ll forfeit my stock options!

David Ryback
Business to Business Magazine [Book Review]

Jim Rodgers has done an excellent job in stating in simple understandable terms the true meaning of diversity. Managing Differently is easy to read and understand. It places responsibility on the manager. The role a manager plays in the understanding of diversity is very critical.

Isaac Blythers
President, Atlanta Gas Company

Effectively managing the diversity of our emerging workforce is a business imperative for success for every corporation in the world. Having the benefit of Jim Rodgers’ expertise personally and for the leaders of our company, I strongly endorse the concepts he shares in Managing Differently.

David M. Radcliff
President and Chief Executive Officer, Georgia Power Company

It was a good broadcast today. The evaluations show it was very well received. Good information, good presenter, and very timely.

Pat Whittman
Questar [Feedback from CTN broadcast featuring Jim Rodgers]

Jim is a classic “giver”. It is his nature to help others overcome their barriers even as he works on his own. He has a gentle way of giving you a “kick in the pants”.

Terri Kruzan
Culture Consulting

Managing Differently is a must-read for all “People’s leaders” in an organization. Getting 100% productivity from 100% of the people 100% of the time is doable when we follow the steps that Jim Rodgers lines up in his book.

Christine French
Regional Diversity Leader, American Express

I was very impressed with Managing Differently. I found it to be a very practical approach for better management. As the book said, managing differently is about managing all people…

Jack Ward
Chief Executive Officer & Chairman, Russell Corporation

Dear Jim: Thank you for your wonderful presentation to the Major Facilities Group! All involved enjoyed the presentation and stated that ‘you opened their eyes’ to many new ways to view things. Your contribution to the conference was very valuable.


Jim Rodgers is a key observer of business principles from many different vantage points and in Managing Differently, he offers hope as well as practical guidance for today’s managers – a beleaguered group for certain. Clearly, every current manager and every would-be manager should take to heart the lessons Jim Rodgers shares in Managing Differently – it’s truly today’s 100% imperative.

Wm. Michael Warren
Jr., Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Energen Corporation

As our workforce becomes increasingly diverse, in so many ways, it is essential for professional managers to include diversity in their tool kits. In the years ahead, we will be managing differently than we have in the past. This well organized and carefully written book will equip managers with the insights they need to succeed.

Roger E. Herman
Certified Management Consultant, Lead Author “How to Become an Employer of Choice”

Jim, your CTN broadcast presentation created a lot of discussion within our organization. Your message about the primary role of the supervisor is to develop employees is one that we can identify with and support. Thanks again for your great presentation.

Bonnie McClearnus
Atmos Energy [Feedback from CTN Broadcast featuring Jim Rodgers]

I think we set a new record for participation at today’s broadcast — 35. And they were pretty evenly distributed between Birmingham and Montgomery, which is also great. Dave Self, our VP-HR, facilitated a discussion (we teleconference in the Montgomery group) afterwards on Jim’s comments, and it was great. He finally had to cut it off after an hour. Mike Warren was present for the telecast and a constant contributor to the discussion. I thought Jim did a great job …

Jean Lowery
Alabama Gas Corporation
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