Deliberate Diversity™ is where diversity and management intersect. It is the most innovative concept in the field today. 

Valuing Differences is a 2-day learning experience for all organizational members. 

Managing by the Numbers (MBTN) offers a simple solution for managers who want to get better.

The Diversity Coach has been principal advisor to over two dozen CDOs and offices of diversity management.

Executive and Management education is a key part of effective execution of strategy. 

Clients Testimonials

"Jim Rodgers has done an excellent job in stating in simple understandable terms the true meaning of diversity. Managing Differently is easy to read and understand. It places responsibility on the manager. The role a manager plays in the understanding of diversity is very critical."

Isaac Blythers
President, Atlanta Gas Company

"Effectively managing the diversity of our emerging workforce is a business imperative for success for every corporation in the world. Having the benefit of Jim Rodgers’ expertise personally and for the leaders of our company, I strongly endorse the concepts he shares in Managing Differently."

David M. Radcliff
President and Chief Executive Officer, Georgia Power Company

"As our workforce becomes increasingly diverse, in so many ways, it is essential for professional managers to include diversity in their tool kits. In the years ahead, we will be managing differently than we have in the past. This well organized and carefully written book will equip managers with the insights they need to succeed."

Roger E. Herman
Certified Management Consultant, Lead Author “How to Become an Employer of Choice”

"Jim, your CTN broadcast presentation created a lot of discussion within our organization. Your message about the primary role of the supervisor is to develop employees is one that we can identify with and support. Thanks again for your great presentation."

Bonnie McClearnus
Atmos Energy

Introducing Dr. James O. RodgersThe Diversity Coach

The core message of the diversity movement is a call to recognize and acknowledge that differences and similarities are a fact of life in any group of humans.

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