Team Coaching

Team Coaching for Offices of Diversity and Inclusion:

The responsibility of managing an organization’s D&I efforts is a unique role in any company. Unfortunately there is no standard playbook that insures success in the role.

By the time an internal practitioner has developed to the point of understanding both the purpose and the possibilities of effective diversity management in their organization, they retire, move to another company, or get reassigned in their own company.  The net result is, for the last 20 years we have been running in circles inside many organizations trying to gain traction on something that is as simple as night and day.

The Diversity Coach has been principal advisor to over two dozen CDOs and offices of diversity management. We offer unique perspectives on the role of diversity, inclusion, innovation, and management as a contributor to enterprise performance. Working with us, you will discover:

  • The historical perspective of diversity management as strategy
  • What to do in the first 90 days to insure long term success.
  • How to know what the enterprise needs from your office.
  • How to get top executive support for your agenda.
  • How to engage line managers in your plans.
  • How to demonstrate tangible benefit from your work.

Don’t risk becoming marginalized as so many D&I offices have. Work with the best, most experienced advisors in the field.

Our team includes the best of  internal and external perspectives.

 Jim Rodgers has advised dozens of CDOs (including the country’s very first CDO) as an external resource. He was instrumental in establishing the initial intent of the D&I office. Unfortunately, he has also seen how that intent has been abandoned and how the role of the office of diversity (management) has become marginalized.

Julius Pryor helps companies leverage diversity to accelerate innovation and drive business results.  He has held executive D&I roles at Johnson & Johnson (J&J), Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), Russell Athletic, Abbott Labs and Takeda Pharmaceuticals, McCormick, and Genentech. Julius has a unique vision for the future of D&I based on broad experience with what works and what doesn’t work in the role.

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